WiGLE app stopped working after android 8.0 update

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I use Note 8 that was previously using Android 7.0. The WiGLE app was working smooth until today I updated to latest Android 8.0. Now when I open the app it is only loading a blank screen on its start up and crashes after a while. Any solution??
Garry Joshi
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well, that's troubling.

we've been working to support android 8, and I know that we do have devices working correctly with it. This is the first 7->8 upgrade problem we've heard of.

When you re-launch after a crash, does it give you the chance to send us a debugging log?

If that's not an option, can you check your logs using a log cat tool for the latest WiGLE logs, see if you can get some information about what's going wrong?

If that's too much of pain (and assuming you have allowed the app to use external storage for your network database - one of the permissions dialogs that asks you to "access pictures and files" in android 7,8), you can also try uninstalling and re-installing, or clearing app data. Databases written to external storage don't get cleared by that operation. You'll need to re-enter your credentials after this, but it gives you a blank slate to start from.
we're rolling out some fixes at part of 2.37, and have a few more enqueued for 2.38. Watch this space, and please let us know if you're continuing to have problems.
I've seen a similar problem on Android 8.0 since the BT update. I've been running Wigle on 8.0 for months previously without any of these issue.

The crashing occurs for me especially in areas with a high density of Wi-Fi and/or BT (100+ networks seen, certainly for 200+). The interface slows down considerably and can take seconds to switch between different views (say Network to Dashboard) in the app - with neither screen updating. On switching to another apps (not exiting) and returning the Wigle app will often present a blank black screen and closing it, clicking on the Wigle application icon once more etc. seems to have no impact. The only way to get responsiveness is to do a restart of the phone.

I have not been able to get crash dump data for this.

Whilst the Wigle app is blank and/or unresponsive I think it is still logging - as the dashboard indicates numbers since last upload have increased after the phones re-start to a degree that indicates this is the case.
That was certainly an issue with 2.31 - I had done a bad job of integrating the scanning threads in the first release.
Have you observed this with 2.36/2.37?


Yes, I've seen it in the last two releases.
oh heck, sorry.

1. mind telling us what kind of device you're using?
2. If you turn off bluetooth display, does the lag persist?

Thanks, and sorry,

Hello arkasha!

Thanks for the help!


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