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I have a set of reference ESSIDs that I'm trying to query through WiGLE. One thing I've noticed using the query interface is that the results seem to do approximate matching, so if I search for say "john", i'll get results not only for "john", but also "JOHN" and "johns iPhone". Is there anything I can enter into the search box (or send along with the request programatically for that matter) that will limit the results to an exact match?

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try the advanced search page to get more specific!
the api is pretty powerful as well, and has interactive documentation... but you'll have to parse the JSON yourself

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I wonder if there might be a market for an app that simply records the last 48 hours of nearby wireless devices (particularly BT devices) with the option to search for them in the database and display some statistics or send an alert is a specific ID appeared. This might be a potential security app if it was running on a tablet at home, giving the homeowner the ability to see who was been visiting or hanging around? Maybe it could generate an income stream for the Wigle project which would help everyone.
Interesting idea - what kind of searches would you like to see?
I think I'm not alone in having concerns about privacy with always-on home microphones, but it would be a cute google home/Alexa skill.


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