Download my upload - did not work

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"Visit your upload page and click the transaction ID of your upload in the left-most column to download the KML." - my last 5 downlod after the click did not work, didn't download anything (only refreshing the page after the cklick) But my first upload link works. (firefox 69.0.3 (64))

Checked by chrome - is this same problem, Version 77.0.3865.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Can you send us the transaction IDs in Pvt/email?

It's possible they hadn't finished processing yet, or that they didn't contain networks, but if neither of those things are the case, you might have found a bug!

Let us know, we'll track it down

Oh, also:

And if there are no coordinates (no gps) in the inputs it will fail as well (..KML is a location-oriented format)

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