Problem filtering with SSID while using the API

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There is to be a problem while using the API to filter on an SSID and using the API token.

There is always 100 results and the results are incorrect. This doesn't happen while using the Advanced Search tab of the webpage.

Interestingly, the Advanced Search tab also use the api search however it authenticate using the session cookies instead of the API token. So the difference seems to lie in the way the authorization is done.

Here is an example :

The following url returns 100 wrong results:

curl -X GET " ... uery=Query" -H "accept: application/json" -H "authorization: Basic **REDACTED**"

While the following url returns 22 correct results:

curl -X GET " ... uery=Query" -H "accept: application/json" --cookie "__ssid=**REDACTED**;auth=**REDACTED**"

However api requests using cookie authentication is highly rate limited so it can't be used in practice.

Thanks for your help.
It looks like that account got flagged as part of a data harvesting or fraud effort. Contact us at and we'll clear it up!


-ark and the WiGLE team
I'm happy to see a prompt response on this thread. I've experienced the same thing in the past.

First of all, let me praise the effort and the coolness of your service/applications.

Now I want to express a few areas of frustration.

I'm surprised that the API would not return a more meaningful response.
If the account has been flagged as you said, why not just return that.
Why ignore API parameters and return hundreds of results that make no sense and that confuses the developer.

I'm also surprised, and this is expressed in other threads, about the limited API usage before blocking with 'too many queries'.
I understand you don't want people overloading your servers and harvesting your data, but then why have an API even (in a never ending beta mode)?
Instead your corner developers/researchers and we end up creating endless accounts and trying to find ways to counter your controls.

I'm sure there are countless people out there that are willing to pay a fair price for your services, there is a huge market for this and you guys are well placed.
Why not make it a win-win?
I don't know whether to laugh or be sad. :lol:
You'll find that account query limits increase automatically over time, and upon participation in the project. New accounts begin in an untrusted state, and so have a lower limit. Accounts created for the sole purpose of grabbing data are limited to prevent the tragedy of the commons. When people register multiple accounts, automated systems flag those accounts as bad actors.

The terms of the EULA you agreed to on sign-up (no matter how many times you sign up) is a non-commercial agreement. If you want increased access to data for non-commercial purposes, you can always contact us with your application and story, and we're happy to increase those limits.

If you're using the data for commercial purposes, we ask you to help us keep the lights on. We have permission from our users to use a subset of the data for commercial purposes, and contacting us about licensing the data for commercial purposes is the right way to gain access on a for-profit basis. Users who choose to try and circumvent our license or stated terms will experience undefined behavior.
Commercial use outlined in the faq, in case there's any confusion:
Commercial Use

To help fund WiGLE operations, we offer licenses to a subset of the data derived from postings that our users have permitted us to use for commercial purposes. As a matter of policy, we will not comment on future, past, or hypothetical customers. To discuss a commercial license, please email us at WiGLE-admin[at]

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