App exiting / crashing whenever I click back button

Issues with the Android network detection software. Please include Software version, Android version, and device when reporting

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WiGLE wifi 2.53
Android 4.3, old Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250

I can navigate between main menus using top left button, but whenever I go into a menu where I need to click "back" to return, or when I click a wifi network in the list (to see network details), and need to go back, the app exits unexpectedly / crashes; and I am losing any new data that was not uploaded.

Anything I can try ?
Is it a bug that can be fixed ?
Is the device just too slow ?
Yikes - 4.3 is pretty far back - technically our build chain can only support JB2, not original JB.

if you check your crash logs, do you see anything you can send us? We can't really move the build support any further back without breaking the on-device database support, but we might be able to include some work-arounds if we can see what's blowing up!

Cheers, and sorry.

-ark and the WiGLE team

PS> with an older device, there's also the option of switching to Lineage to get a more modern Android version... but that's not for everyone, especially if this is still your primary phone for compat/other reasons. It totally works if you are looking to recycle an old device as a network detection system.
Does this indicate anything useful ?
The "most recent error" page (3.jpg and 4.jpg) seems to be from 2016, not sure if the recorded errors are from that too.
The 1.jpg and 2.jpg are "debug info".

Not such a big problem to ask for major updates, just thought it might be an easy fix.
I don't want to install custom firmware, because I am worried it would contain fishy things :)
I will receive a newer device soon, and use that one.

edit: I removed the attachments.
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edit: I removed the attachments.
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yeah - those errors are just an old network problem.

hard to diagnose without the same device, but the short version is: we can't support it very well. sorry, and thanks for the detailed info.
OK, no problem.

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