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In my area on 5 GHz I find there are numerous links running in between the normal 5 GHz channels, such as 5800 MHz.
Normal Android phone scanning doesnt find these.

What can I use to scan all these frequencies and feed the data to Wigle in a mobile situation with GPS etc?
Those can be standard channels as well, maybe it's just your phone:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_W ... j/n/ac/ax)

Some manufacturers want to play safe and only support the minimal amount of channels, but many more had been opened in the recent years and even months. For best compatibility, I think laptops with replaceable internal wifi cards or a USB networking card would work the best that has soft MAC and up to date drivers supporting regulatory domains.
Hi Kurz
Thats the problem, you cant use a phone to see these frequencies between normal channels that I am talking about because the phones only scan standard channels, like those listed in your link.
I am using a Mikrotik outdoor antenna and radio from home and it can be set up to look at 5 MHz steps which can see in between the standard channels. There are usually WiFi links on 5 GHz band people have set on non standard frequencies, presumably to avoid detection and minimise interference from other devices. I dont think its just my area that it occurs either, i have seen others.

So if there was a way I could take the data from a Mikrotik radio and feed that data into Wigle is really what I need to do, but I dont know how I can do this. I could get signal from external antenna on the car, then feed the Mikrotik. I would need a GPS in a laptop or other device too.


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