Was a bypass for Android 9 throttling found?

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I'm planning on purchasing a new radio for my car that's running android 9.1. It's capable of running wigle, so I was hoping to set that to boot on startup.

I remember having tons of issues with android 9 and scan throttling. On newer versions you could disable this in the developer options, but did anyone ever find a way to get this working on Android 9? Maybe with root?

I didn't find anything except enabling and disabling wifi every few seconds, or possible split screening, but I don't know if this device will be able to do that.

People have suggested that setting the throttle off via a ADB command works on some implementations. If you happen to test it, please let us know if it works!

See viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2842&p=10784&hilit ... tle#p10784 for how people say you can do it!

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