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Postby Krzysztofz01 » Thu Aug 18, 2022 6:36 pm

I recently thought that a CLI tool for working with the WiGLE platform might be useful. I have not found anything like this on the GitHub platform. Preparing WiGLE CLI would first of all allow you to work with the backend API directly from the terminal, it would implement all endpoints specified in the WiGLE documentation. From this point I would like to ask what do you think about such an initiative? I would also like to ask if any of you need some specific functionality related to formatting or processing collected data, because creating such a terminal tool is a great opportunity to collect all the scripts and tools and create something that will facilitate the work with the WiGLE platform for everyone of us.
I will provide a link to the Github repository soon. The technology stack I chose is .NET due to the good knowledge of this technology, which will allow me to create this CLI production-ready. I also plan to use up the Specter.Console library, which is a great CLI mini-framework.

Best regards, and I look forward to your reply and suggestions.
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