WiGLE Clients and Related Tools.

WiGLE offers a number of tools to help observe, visualize, and catalog networks. Below are links to downloadable copies of the items we offer, including WiGLE WiFi to collect and visualize data on android devices. Unfortunately, there are no war-driving tools for non-jailbroken iOS devices at this time, since Apple has disallowed them from their marketplace.

WiGLE WiFi for Android Release Notes

Wireless scanning and mapping on all modern Android handsets

Available in the Android app on Google Play or (or search for "wiglewifi" on an Android device)

View stats on Android Market - We appreciate reviews!
Source Code on Github - We appreciate code pull requests!
Raw .apk on Github - To download without an app store
Language Files - We appreciate corrections! (Pull request, or email: WiGLE-admin[at]WiGLE.net)

Free and Open Source Software version (no Google Maps)
FOSS Version Source Code on Github
FOSS Raw .apk on Github

Download KML exports for Google Earth

When you upload data to WiGLE, you can download it in Google Earth™-friendly KML format. Visit your upload page and click the transaction ID of your upload in the left-most column to download the KML. Depending on your setup and browser, you may need to click the downloaded file to open.

Screenshot of KML file


Want to use WiGLE data in your own tools and projects? As a registered user, you can incorporate the API into other software for statistics, research, and visualization. Check out the interactive documentation for details and visit your account page for your API tokens.

Miscellaneous Tools
wep.pl Converts ASCII strings to Hexidecimal WEP keys using common driver algorithms.
kismonitor.pl connects to a Kismet server and provides audio speech of statistics and gps status, using festival.

kml_filter.py Combines and categorizes the output of the KML export from your WiGLE uploads page into a single file bucketed by encryption type.