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List of commercial SSID's sorted in alphabetical order. If you know of any other SSID's that commercial vendors use, please add to this list!

SSID Information URL
AmbraNet? Piatra Neamt, Romania http://www.ambra.ro
attwifi at mcdonalds locations
BestBuy? (self explainatory)
BTOpenZone British Telecom
boldstreet Ontario, Quebec http://www.boldstreet.com
cablewifi NJ & NY Multi ISP Wifi http://www.cablewifi.com
CANET http://communicationsadvantage.net
COFFRE-FORT http://infosafe.fr
ccity Circuit City electronics store
cctexas City Of Corpus Christi, TX. On every single streetlight in town!!
CLUBQUARTERS Club Quarters Hotel, Free WiFi for customers at San Francisco location
CMCC China Mobile, Hong Kong
Cogeco Wifi Coverage in many more place than listed on that page http://www.cogeco.ca/en/wifi_o.html
Connexion1 SAS/Scandinavian? Airlines and Lufthansa in-flight wireless http://www.connexionbyboeing.com
daysinn Days Inn Motels, Free WiFi for customers http://www.daysinn.com
dnawlan http://www.dnafinland.fi
eduroam Worldwide / Available to college/university students, researchers & staff https://www.eduroam.org
eurospot http://www.swisscom-mobile.ch/pwlan
facefive http://www.facefive.com
fatport http://www.fatport.com
Flash Network Flash Network, Kansas City Pay-Per-Day WiFi http://www.flashnetwork.net
flyingj http://www.flyingj.com
Gigazad Free Internet US and Canada ad-supported free WiFi http://www.gigazad.com
goesh Extended Stay Hotels
HHONORS Hilton Hotels
HKBN Hong Kong Broadband, Hong Kong
homerun Swedish telco Telia Mobile hotspots covering Scandinavia http://www.homerun.telia.com/eng/start
hotspot http://www.urbanhotspots.com
idleaire Truckstops and New York Thruway service plazas http://www.idleair.com/about/locations/IA_Wireless_active
Internode commercial, but free unlimited access to subscribers of that ISP, port 80 otherwise
ispot same as ipass, available at many Iowa highway rest areas
KMB Free Hong Kong, Kowloon Motor Bus
KPN Fon The Netherlands / Available to customers of Dutch ISP 'KPN'. Like UPC WifiSpots?. https://www.kpn.com/prive/internet/internet-voor-thuis/service/kpn-wifi.htm
MOBILE http://www.swisscom-mobile.ch/pwlan
MONZOON http://www.monzoon.ch
MyCloud? in UK pubs
Napanet-* Napa Valley, CA ISP http://www.napanet.net
neo Slovenian hotspot provider, nonfree http://www.neowlan.net
netnearu http://www.nnu.com
Netpoint Danish hotspot provider mainly in hotels http://www.netpoint.dk
nnu http://www.nnu.com
nrvu* New River Valley Unwired http://nrvunwired.net
NSB-TON Internet onboard some NSB trains. http://www.nsb.no
OBXwan Pay per use other than selected sites, Duck, NC - Outer Banks area http://skyenetwireless.com
ollehWiFi South Korea
orange home depot
optimumwifi Cablevision, Central NJ ISP http://www.optimum.net/WiFi
panera http://www.panerabread.com/default.aspx
PASSYM http://www.passym.com
CSL Auto Connect Hong Kong, PCCW, CSL, 1010
pi07490509x or pi07490509x09 Walmart
PPLBroadband* Local Power company (pennsylvania power and light) providing internet access from telephone poles http://www.pplbroadband.com
pi Prairie i-Net - Iowa WISP providing access along I-35 http://www.prairienet.net
sdtc unclear whether commercial
SEMWISP 1-5 South East Michigan WISP, coverage centered in Ida and Monroe http://semwisp.com/strategyonemicro/index.html
SINFILO http://www.sinfilo.com
Siricomm Found at Pilot truckstops and other locations https://signup.subscribers-siricomm.com
Sonic.net http://www.sonic.net/hotspots
surfhere Ontario, Quebec http://www.boldstreet.com
TA Found at TA truckstops http://www.tatravelcenters.com/ta/display_page.phtml?page_id=716
tmobile Hmm, looking for a Starbucks?
TDC Danish Telco Hotspot http://tdchotspot.dk
TDC Mobil Danish Telco Hotspot http://tdchotspot.dk
Telenor Wireless hotspots at 300+ Statoil petrol stations. http://www.telenor.com / http://www.statoil.com
Telenor Mobil WLAN http://www.telenor.com
TELUS TELUS Mobility, mainly western Canada http://www.telusmobility.com/hotspot
TPN.ch http://www.tpn.ch
Truckstop.neT Commonly found at Pilots, Petros and other truckstops. Service suspended due to ongoing litigation http://www.truckstop.net
TURBONETT Home Internet Service for Claro Wireless in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador at least http://www.claro.com
TWCWifi Time Warner Cable, NY & NJ ISP [Income Funds]
UPC WifiSpots? The Netherlands / Available to customers of Dutch ISP 'UPC'. 802.1x-EAP-WPA2 [PEAP-MSCHAPv2] http://www.upc.nl/wifispots
Wayport_Access http://www.wayport.net/support/othercards
WIFI-* http://www.wirelessfrontier.net
WiFiZone?-TheCloud? McDonalds? in the UK and JD Wetherspoon use this for their Free wifi at all other locations its pay for http://www.thecloud.net
xfinity Comcast Wifi http://www.comcast.com/wifi
Y5ZONE Y5ZONE, Hong Kong
YesIHotspot? Danish hotspot operator that cooperates with Boingo. Available at many coffeeshops and all 7-11 stores in Denmark. Taken over by swedish ISP Telia Sonera, as part of their Telia HomeRun? Wlan services, feb 2006 http://www.hotspotlive.dk
Maccas Free WifiAUS MacDonalds?
Telstra AUS Telco [Market Neutral]

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