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The daily query throttles are adaptive, based on a large number of factors, including user behavior and capacity. Also kittens.

Thanks for your interest in the project!
The daily query throttles are adaptive, based on a large number of factors, including user behavior and capacity.
Which says exactly nothing.

It took you guys a month for not replying on my qestion/project description.
This means Wigle is not usable for my project and I am going to look elsewhere as there are more choices.

To bad I spend a lot of time in Wigle and uploaded a few thousand wifipoints which was all a waste of time..

Hey Luc, sorry that our project doesn't meet your needs/goals. Your current query limit allows you to download as much data every day as you've contributed to the project overall, and of course all data you've contributed is accessible to you... but we don't have the resources to grant unlimited access, and we don't have a mechanism to sub-EULA client users of devices.

Sorry, and best of luck
Hey guys, the location https://www.wigle.net/gps/gps/main/confirmquery is no longer available, it gives a 404 error. Has the path changed or this functionality is no longer available?
Hey strasharo - that endpoint was a part of the very, very old non-API.

We tried to give everyone ample warning, but finally took it offline for good a few weeks ago. This allowed us to jettison some old, hard-to-support code, as well as improve efficiency and performance on all the queries people like to make. We have a new API (see https://api.wigle.net for all the details) - that we're proud to publish and support, and there's already a blossoming community of packages that allow you to simply plug it into your project of choice.

If you're looking for UI equivalents, https://wigle.net/search, https://wigle.net/search#detailSearch, and https://wigle.net/mapsearch should contain all the functionality present in that endpoint.

If there's something we failed to port over, or it's not working for you, this is a good place to tell us;; obviously we didn't intent to disable any functionality.


Thanks a lot arkasha, I'll give it a try.
Along the same lines as the comments above - can we get more baseline API query attempts? Just testing the API I got the {"success":false,"error":"too many queries today"} after maybe a handful of attempts. I understand the need to protect against DDOS/spam, resource needs, and the culture of two way participation but can we get the baseline raised to maybe a few 100 queries a day? I'll go out on a limb and assume others testing the feasibility of your solution for their use cases would agree with me.
Hi "testaccount123" - new accounts are limited by design - this prevents a number of malicious behaviors, and prevents a "tragedy of the commons" situation.
I think you'll find that as you participate, your query thresholds will increase automatically.

If you have a special project in mind, you can email WiGLE-admin@wigle.net outlining your project. We evaluate not-for-profit requests for data on a case-by-case basis. If you're looking to use data for a commercial application, you might have noticed the "allow commercial use" checkbox when you registered; users also opt-in to allow commercial access to a subset of the data - if you're planning to make money using WiGLE data, you can get increased access to this data AND help keep the project running and improving!

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