The map has strange cutoff line in the USA

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when looking at the zoomed out map there is a strange "cutoff" in the USA on the very left side:
USAwiglecutoff.PNG (126.45 KiB) Viewed 1889 times
Link tho this map area: ... &mapzoom=4

Zooming in, it appears to be around longitude -118.

Where is this coming from? :?:
That's the "big re-trialeration" effort we've been talking about on Twitter.
There are actually three of those bars moving through the northern hemisphere right now, cleaning up "smudges" where our old cluster-detection algorithm got confused.
for the others: check out North Africa and Europe (currently passing through Brussels), and North America starting after St. Louis, currently bumped up against Atlanta/Detroit, and passing Los Angeles (this one should start moving quickly after getting past San Diego because of the relatively sparse population density of the US/Canada in the rockies and much of the west. Look for big "slow-downs" at Mexico City, Phoenix, Denver, and a staying slow starting at San Antonio all the way to St. Louis.

Because we cache map tiles to keep from getting completely crushed, you'll see these in snapshots.
oh cool :)

thanks for clarification

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