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Postby i.s.harris1 » Mon Apr 03, 2017 1:14 pm

Hi All,

I managed to do my first war-drive run, I'm using Kali, an Atheros Chip, and a serial connected Garmin Etrex hikers GPS.

I logged a few hundred, got my .nettxt file uploaded and it processed OK. But once they appeared on the map, I can see the sites i logged are consistently about 100ft off where I'd expect. You can track the route I took, e.g. they're all nicely lined with the path of the road, but consistently off by the same amount, and consistently NorthEast.

Can anyone confirm what the Garmin settings should be? map datum? format?

Is it possible to remove my upload? As every point is wrong, it seems silly to leave them up.


Postby arkasha » Mon Apr 03, 2017 8:13 pm


Thanks for your interest in the project. I'm afraid I haven't used an etrex in a long time - not sure about settings, but 100ft off isn't actually too bad - remember that as other people observe those points (or you re-observe them), the calculated positions will correct. One thing you can check out is the KML download link on the uploads page - this will show you how accurate your GPS was on the run. In some instances, you might have even helped correct previous wrong observations, if someone detected the points from the air, or was experiencing a GPS error at the time. Let us know how the KML looks in google earth (or the viewer of your choice), we can determine whether the problems was your equipment or something else.

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