Kismet best settings for minimum memory load? (Raspberry Pi)

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Kismet (2019 version) logs a LOT, so with 1gb ram im only able to capture ~12k devices before memory is out.

But then when converting to WiGLE csv a lot of packets are dropped, either due to missing GPS or as its only a Device but no Hotspot.

So, with what settings can the memory footprint be reduced, while still having all infos for WiGLE?

Currently im having this filter in my kismet_site.conf:


But warning, this breaks the build in kismetdd_to_wigle tool! This script will work: ...
with the update to stop packet/message logging, and turning off the manufacture lookup i was able to get 10k devices with only 60% memory consumed :D

the .kismet then only contains the devices, im not shure if there is anything else that can be taken off without breaking it.

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