Android: where is exported DB saved?

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Wigle app version: 2.48
Android version: 10
Phone: Google Pixel 3

Hamburger menu -> Database -> CSV EXPORT DB -> OK
"Success. Write Successful. File loaction: WigleWifi_20191019161227.csv"

But where is the csv-file located? Not visible in the local file manager anywhere
Hi there;

Sorry for the slow response - it should have given you the location to which it was writing the DB in that dialog; this may be a bug.

Short version: if you've granted external storage permission (recommended), it'll write it to the "external" shared space in the WiGLE subdirectory. If you have not, it goes into the application directory, which can complicate matters for retrieval in more recent android versions. We need to extend our "share" functionality for these files going forward, we'll increase the priority of that roadmap item, since storage is going to get a whole lot more complicated in android 11.
I concur: Wigle (latest beta version) cannot save the database anywhere in Android 10. I does not even ask to write to external storage and I have enabled all apps to write to external storage from developer options.
you can confirm the permission in the Settings -> Application -> Permissions section, but I've submitted a fairly involved set of fixes to the master code-line (not in any release yet) to allow you to access files written to storage (internal or external) via "share intents." (popup dialogs) Note: there isn't currently a simple way to look through a list of past uploads or runs to get historical GPX or CSV files in android 10 and up, but we're working on UI to fix this.

Phone encryption is a stupid feature that prevents me from reading my own files.
We have a forthcoming "share intent" option that'll help you access your database and numerous other output files: ... g/pull/391 - this will be included in the next release.

For CSV files (and indeed historical GPX files), we're going to need a notion of a "run picker" to export the specific data for that upload or run - watch this space as we start designing that!

Agreed- the new permission scheme may be good for some definitions of security, but is a total wreck for open-architecture/unix-style apps like WiGLE!

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