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I saw a recent thread speaking to trying to encourage visitors to less common tiles, to broaden coverage, instead of the consistent over coverage on or near highways and other major roadways.

I believe that the issue identified was that users send their data to Wigle, not the other way around.

A few ideas to share:
Would it make sense to have the user device handle which tiles it has and has not visited?
Would it make sense to simply mark entire tiles as unvisited?

Could each road simply be marked as visited and unvisited, potentially a new view? --> I know in my driving, this is something poorly missed.

Would it make sense to keep a global visited and unvisited system at Wigle, and simply "assigning requests" to users? (Close, medium and far, being a setting users could select?)
Some of what you're seeing is the fact that residences and internet access clusters close to roadways.
We have a complicated problem when it comes to logging user visits to areas:

1. registering a "negative" is extremely difficult; signal, antennas, radios, and amplification have complex characteristics such that you can drive the same street twice and see different networks each time. concluding that it wasn't there one time and was the next might not be accurate - only that that your radio didn't tune to the right channel at the right time, that the device was pointing the wrong direction, or that the radio wasn't transmitting at the right moment.

2. We don't have a notion of "tiles" - anymore (since the retirement of our old clients.) Tiles in ESRI, OSM, and Google maps are somewhat arbitrary, as they depend upon zoom depth.

3. Freshness of observation is useful (using the time slider-bar on the web maps, or enabling tiles in the WiGLE Wardriving Android App) - you can configure both to show only-your-points, only points found by others, and points since since any year which does a good job of providing hints of places to examine. Your tiles will update when you upload to continue to show your progress.

4. If you enable route display, the client will show you your "visited" streets during the course of the current trip.
I suppose the feature request I see within your response would be a "all trips route display", which would allow users to prioritize roads that they themselves have not visited, ever.
we avoid doing this because phones are battery- and processor-constraint. Rendering the large pile of KML your trips would quickly become would result in warnings and the quick expenditure of your phone's battery. The "cheap" way is to request overlay images for your maps in the Settings panel: if you turn on "show points: mine" you'll get the equivalent of those routes most places that have networks!



Note: it's still worth showing the current route, as the server can't process uploads and update the maps server *that* fast.
This makes a ton of sense. I actually managed to drain my battery while being plugged in the whole time driving, so definitely, I see the importance!

I love that Wigle always has a solution! Great work guys!
I use an app called "Fog of World" to keep track of where I have previously been. It can be set to use a "fog of war" opaqueness effect to areas of the map that haven't been "discovered". It's been fun riding around places I still haven't been to in over 15 years of living in my city!

I use it on my iPhone ( as there are no wardriving apps for iOS, but it's also available on the Google Play Store: ... fogofworld

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