File Formats: KML vs CSV vs Magic8Ball vs SQLite

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Magic8Ball - Settings says it's Geolocation but other 2 are DB
Kml is keyhole markup language it's kinda like xml it's the format that Googlemaps uses
Csv comma separated values is kinda the standard for transferring data between different databases and spreadsheets. You can view this one alot of different ways as is in a text editor in most spreadsheet programs excel ,Google sheets ,libre office calc idk what apple uses but that to or it can be uploaded natively into many SQL databases
Magic8ball idk I'll look it up ok wiggle made kinda location anomyzor so exact location and exact time are not displayed I'm not 100%on this
Sqlite3 least I assume it's 3 is a on disk or embedded db so there is no server it's just a file like another but you can use SQL language to search it and do other things
KML commonly used for visualizing spatial data such as maps, 3D models, and other geospatial information.

CSV is a plain text file that separates values with commas and lines with newlines. CSV files can be easily opened and edited in a text editor or spreadsheet program. getting over it

SQLite is commonly used in mobile apps, web browsers, and other applications that require a lightweight, file-based database system.

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