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Postby TZz222zZT » Fri Sep 22, 2023 7:40 pm

Please tell me this isn't what I think it is! Every time I start my wiggle sesh a Logitech ble (uncategorized 10) and about a 100 apple bles some uncategorized as well. Example; 7e:73:FF:75:0e:3e / 33:Ca:26:4a:a8:ca This Happened after a strange encounter with an old acquaintance. Any ideas? Thanks so so much for anything you all can clean up with. Btw I'm using an android if that matters (doubt it does but thought I'd throw that in there) ok I fogot to add when I search these apple bles the location comes back to wherever i am at the moment. I'm assuming I'm being tracked at least and they have admin access worst case. If I'm leaving anything pertinent out please lmk and I'll let you know whatever. I feel like there are two potential sources who could be doing this. But I don't wanna make myself look stupid so please folks enlighten me! Btw I've been using wiggle for a bit I have 160k unique wifis my point is I've never had anything like this happen, infact I only see apple products 10% of the time of not less. Now they are 99% of all the ble's I'm picking up. Thanks in advance and again if anyone needs more insight I'll gladly provide it. Much respect TZz222zZT

Postby arkasha » Sat Sep 23, 2023 9:04 am

No, no-one is tracking you just because you see bluetooth beacons.

Those are just devices (perhaps your own?) beaconing at the moment.
Bluetooth devices send beacons to advertise that they're within range, to communicate (largely anonymously) that things are happening to other bluetooth devices with shared secrets or identifiers, and even as part of pandemic exposure notification. Most of these beacons are from private or random "fake" addresses to preserve privacy, so even a small number of devices may look larger.

If you're around other people carrying phones or... cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, music players, speakers, headphones, ear buds, 'tiles,' surveyors, security cameras, cargo containers, camera doorbells... you're always seeing bluetooth beacons.

We've recently started displaying manufacturer info to help explain this traffic, but it would always have been present, just without the explanatory text.


on consideration: the proliferation of bluetooth signals DOES make it hard to detect unwelcome devices... however, it would not be in an attacker's best interest to beacon wildly if they wanted to track you - you'd more-quickly find and discard/deactivate/(stick to a passing bus with chewing gum) the device. There *are* reports of people dropping air tags (Apple) and tiles (Tile) into people's bags/pockets to attempt track them, but these are more easily located via physical inspection. If you're really worried: turn off headphones/etc go someplace where there are likely to be fewer devices (and away from homes and people), see what persists in the list. Just remember, devices change addresses with some frequency, so even one device may use multiple MACs.

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