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WiGLEWiFi is our attempt at making a stumbling package for Android-based devices that includes all the stuff we'd like from a stumbling package.

You can download WiGLEWiFi from Google Play [here]

If you are experiencing problems with WiGLEWiFi, tell us about them! Until we get a bug database set up, you can email us. Since a verbal bug report doesn't usually tell us enough to help, please make sure to include:

     * The device you're using
     * The Android version/build you're running (available in settings, location varies by version)
     * The carrier you're using
     * Details of your config
     * Any customizations you might have made to your device
     * For stuff that doesn't have a clear symptom, please try out algocat ( [play store][apk] ), a free Android log viewer (and consider the donation-supported version!) and send us the stuff that matters. 

http://culturepointwapi.be/wakka.php?wiki=CoffreFort http://sapie.eu/limoux/yeswikilimoux/wakka.php?wiki=CoffreFort

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